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A player may select up to two flaws when creating a character. Each flaw a player selects entitles his character to a bonus feat.

Aligned Devotion
Healing is 50% less effective on differing alignments.
Prereq: Ability to spontaneously cast cure spells.

Arcane Conundrum
May never use your spell-like abilities, -2 saves vs illusions.
Prereq: Gnome & Cha 10+.

Arcane Fatigue
Must make Fort save (DC10 + spell lvl) after every spell cast or become fatigued.
Prereq: Ability to cast arcane spells.

Arcane Parasites
Every arcane spells has a -1 to save DC.
Prereq: Ability to cast arcane spells.

Arcane Performer
In order to cast any spell, must succeed at a Perform check.
Prereq: Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation, Perform 1 rank.

Beady Eyes
Have low-light vision instead, -2 Perception.
Prereq: Darkvision.

Vulnerable to spells that affect animals.
Prereq: Wild Empathy.

Bestial Instinct
-2 to hit with anything other than unarmed strikes or natural weapons.

Blind Rage
May not end rage voluntarily, must attack a creature every round, if able; if not able, must attack nearest breakable object.
Prereq: Rage Ability.

-6 to AC vs Attacks of Opportunity.

Don’t gain any kind of dodge bonues to your AC.

Take twice as long to perform any skill which requires an action/-2 to initiative.

Chivalrous Courtesy
-4 on all attack rolls to hit a creature you can tell if of the opposite gender.
Prereq: Good or Lawful Alignment.

City Slicker
-2 on Handle Animal, Knowledge Nature, and Survival checks.
Prereq: Survival as Class Skill.

Become Shaken in enclosed spaces.

Code of Arms
-4 on attack rolls against enemies not armed with a melee weapon.
Prereq: Good or Lawful Alignment.

Automatically fail Fort saves to overcome effects of high temperature, fire effects deal +2 points of fire damage to you.

Automatically fail saves against fear effects.

-2 Perception and -2 Initiative.

Divine Gestures_
Suffer spell failure chances as though casting arcane.
Prereq: Ability to cast divine spells.

Elven Pride of Arms
-4 on attack rolls with anything other than a longsword, rapier, or bow.
Prereq: Elf.

Exhausting Rage
When rage ends you become exhausted instead of fatigued.
Prereq: Rage Ability.

You take a -2 penalty on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution based ability and skill checks.

Foe Specialist
-1 on attack rolls, Bluff, Sense Motive, Perception, and Survival checks made against creatures that are not your favored enemy.
Prereq: Favored Enemy.

Lose the inspire courage, inspire competence, inspire greatness, and inspire heroics bardic music abilities.
Prereq: Bardic Performance.

Lose Arcane Bond ability.
Prereq: Ability to Arcane Bond.

Forlorn of Men
Become shaken if more than one humanoid is within 30 feet of you.

Frail Immune System
Whenever you fail a Fort save you become fatigued.
Prereq: Constitution 11 or lower.

-1 from the number of hit points you gain at each level.

Weight of any carried gear is doubled for the purpose of determining load, AC penalties are also doubled.
Prereq: Chaotic Alignment.

Frivolous Performer
-10 on all Bardic Knowledge checks, except those relating to your perform skill.
Prereq: Bardic Knowledge.

Become Sickened after drinking any potion.

-2 to AC during combat until you drop an opponent.
Prereq: BAB +1

Grudge Keeper
If damaged in combat you suffer a -2 penalty to attacks, skill checks, saves, and ability checks until you damage the foe who caused you harm.

-2 saves vs enchantments and illusions, -4 to Sense Motive.

Half-Blood Outcast
Suffer -2 on all attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks when in sight of a full blood.
Prereq: Half-Elf or Half-Orc.

-4 to AC, attack rolls, and skill checks whenever you are in presence of a favored enemy and not fighting it.
Prereq: Favored Enemy.

Noises surround you for no reason, -2 Perception and -2 Stealth.
Prereq: Ability to cast spells.

Honor of the Duel
You must make a Will save (DC10 + your lvl) to attack a creature in a square threatened by one of its other foes.
Prereq: Good or Lawful Alignment.

Honorable Challenge
-4 on attack rolls against any creature that has not explicitly challenged you or make an attack against you.
Prereq: Good or Lawful Alignment.

Automatically fail any Fort saves against low temperature, +2 extra cold damage from cold effects.

If you move out of Melee Combat, -2 on all attack rolls, skill checks and saves for one hour.
Prereq: BAB +1

-4 penalty on Perception checks.

-2 on attack rolls with weapons that you did not personally create and +1 armor check penalty with any armor you did not craft.

Must succeed on a DC10 Fort save to get a full night’s rest.

Light Sensitivity
Become Dazzled in Bright sunlight.
Prereq: Darkvision.

Half base weight, -4 CMD, no attack bonus when charging.
Prereq: Constitution 13 or lower.

Living Faith
Lose the ability to channel energy for or against undead.
Prereq: Channel Energy.

Lose ability to summon animal companion.
Prereq: Animal Companion.

-3 to Diplomacy and Stealth.

Love of Nature
Must make a Will save to attack animal, plant, or vermin.

Magical Fascination
-2 on attacks and skill checks when in sight of a perceivable magical effect.

Magical Overlord
Exchange one of your highest level spells slots for a lower level one.
Prereq: Ability to cast spells.

Material Devotion
May only use spell trigger items that cast spells on your domain spell lists.
Prereq: Access to Domains.

Meager Fortitude
You take a -3 penalty on Fortitude saves.

Metal Intolerance
Take one additional point of damage whenver struck by metal.

Methodical Magical Methods
You are considered flat-footed in any round you cast a spell.
Prereq: Ability to cast spells.

Meticulous Performer
Initiating or maintaining bardic music is a full-round action.
Prereq: Bardic Music.

Mounted Warrior
-2 to attack rolls when not mounted.
Prereq: Ride 1 rank.

In combat, every time you attack an opponent that has concealment, roll your miss chance twice. If either or both results indicate that you miss, your attack fails.

No Time For Book Learning
You are illiterate, can never learn to read, and -1 on all Knowledge checks.

You take a -2 penalty on all melee attack rolls.

Have double base weight, lose +1 size bonus to AC and attack, and the Stealth bonus. Pay double for armor.
Prereq: Small size, Dex 13 or lower.

Reduce one of your ability scores by 2.

Phantom Sparks
Spontaneously emit bursts of colored light, -2 Perception and -2 Stealth.
Prereq: Ability to cast spells.

Poor Reflexes
You often zig when you should have zagged. You take a -3 penalty on Reflex saves.

Ponderous Spellcaster
Casting times are doubled.
Prereq: Ability to cast spells.

Pride of Arms
-4 on attack rolls with exotic or simple weapons, unarmed, and touch attacks.
Prereq: Martial Weapons Proficiency.

Quarter Elf
Not immune to sleep spells, don’t have enough elven blood.
Prereq: Half-Elf

Quick Burning Rage
Rage only lasts half your base rage before adding the Con modifier.
Prereq: Rage Ability.

You take a -2 penalty on all ranged attack rolls.

Short Attention Span
-2 on all skill checks to retry a failed check, can’t take 20.

Short of Breath
Whenever making a Strength or Constitution roll to Run, Climb, Jump, or Swim, make a Fort save or be fatigued.

Must make a (DC10 + enemy lvl) Will save or become Shaken whenever a foe engages you in combat.

Your base land speed is reduced by 10’.

Slow Healing
You don’t recover hit points naturally.
Con 13 or lower.

Slow to Anger
Entering a Rage is a full-round action.
Prereq: Rage Ability.

Solitary Paragon
-4 to attacks made against a foe you flank.

Stubby Fingers
-4 to attacks with light or one-handed weapons, -2 to Disable Device, Slight of Hand, and Climb checks.
Prereq: Dwarf, Gnome, or Halfling.

Whenever you see an item, effect, or location obviously created by magic you become Frightened.
Prereq: Inability to cast spells.

Terrain Specialist
-2 on Wild Empathy checks, Perception, Survival, and Tracking in terrain other than the Favored Terrain.
Prereq: Favored Terrain (must be chosen at level 1)

Test Subject
Choose three magic schools, take -2 penalty to saving throws vs spells of those categories.

Trivial Performer
Save DC against your fascinate, suggestions abilities is halved and bardic performance abilities benefits end when music ends.

Uncontrollable Rage
Cannot enger rage voluntarily, must have received harmful damage or effect.
Prereq: Rage Ability.

You are slow to react to danger. You take a -5 penalty on initiative checks.

You take a -1 penalty to Armor Class.

Warrior of the Phalanx
-4 to attack rolls when not adjacent to an ally.

Weak-Blooded Sorcerer
Lose your level 1 Bloodline Power.
Prereq: Bloodline Powers.

Weak Will
You take a -3 penalty on Will saves.

Lose proficiency in all weapons except a deity’s favored.
Prereq: Devotion to a Specific Deity.

Whenever entangled, pinned, or bound, immediately become Panicked.


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